Bathroom Backsplash: The Perfect Accesory

One of the most personal decisions a homeowner can make, while remodeling a bathroom, is the backsplash that is chosen. This is your opportunity to place your “mark,” on the bathroom. Think of the backsplash as the accessory to an outfit that suddenly becomes something truly unique and extraordinary.

At JDS Construction, LLC, of Leesburg, VA, we like to get to know our clients so we can better help guide them to a backsplash that will not only suite their remodeled bathroom, but also their personality.

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So let’s talk backsplash. Backsplash, as defined by The Free Dictionary, is:

“An upright surface or border, as of tile, that protects the wall behind a sink or stove.”

So a backsplash is practical. It is a barrier to prevent liquids, and in the case of the bathroom, specifically water, from staining and seeping into your walls. But backsplash has come a long way, baby, and now, along with its function, it has tremendous form.

The hottest trend in backsplash in Loudoun County, and beyond, is the floor to ceiling backsplash. At JDS Construction LLC we are seeing this not only in bathroom design, but also in kitchen design. Imagine the bathroom walls of your newly renovated bathroom literally sparkling with a myriad of color, light and pattern; or with the always classic simplicity of a white subway tile. This trend is called “all-around-tile,” and it is the hippest thing to hit bathroom renovations since the curbless shower.

Tile work is an art and your bathroom walls are its blank canvas. When choosing the right backsplash consider the following:

What feeling do you want in my master or guest bathroom?
Do you want your remodeled bathroom spa-like, calm and “zenned,” out? If so, consider glass or stone tiles in the colors of the seashore: sandy beiges and pale blues.
Do you want to feel recharged? Then vibrant colors in interesting geometrical shapes could be just the thing for your Leesburg or Purceville remodeled bathroom.
Or are you more traditional? Think marble, slate or travertine to create a luxurious, timeless bathroom.
Perhaps, you want a party in the bathroom. Think Spanish inspired mosaic tiles. Think fiesta.

There are countless backsplash options out there. The trick is finding what one is for YOU!



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