Master Bath Must Haves

June 2015 Newsletter – The Master Bath

Open Your Bathroom Up…

Today’s home renovations are all about creating space and The master bath is no different. The curbless shower is virtually seamless and reduces visual clutter with less nooks and crannies and is easily accessible. It works perfectly with a control panel, such as The Kohler DTV.

Stand alone tubs are another great design option to enhance the spaciousness of your master bath. Forget the tile based block tubs of the past and opt for the clean and elegant lines of a stand alone tub.

Elevate bathroom cabinets, insert a big picture window and choose a monochromatic color theme to open up your master bath.

Give Yourself a Multi-Sensory Showering Experience….

Meet the Kohler DTV, a one-piece control panel placed inside your shower. With one touch you can activate your user preferences from a menu-based navigation system. The Kholer DTV let’s you chose your water temperature, lights, music and steam.

Pair the DVT with an ambient rain shower that rivals Mother Nature. An overhead showering nozzle that soothes your body and soul. Imagine beginning your day with a custom spa experience or even better, unwinding after a long day. Throw in some LED lighting and be transported to another place with an unparalleled multi-sensory showering experience.

What’s Trending in Master Bath Renovations:

Gray is the new white. People are opting for hues of gray for the bathroom cabinets and wall color. It’s fresh and clean and works well with a multitude of your favorite colors.

Geometric shapes: Consider a geometric tile pattern in your shower or on your floor. Keep it in one color scheme for a contemporary look or add a pop of color for visual interest.

Natural elements: Wood and stone pair nicely with a pop of plant life to create an outdoor experience in your master bath.

The cool cabinet: Cabinets with refrigeration are perfect for storing organic skin products, prescription medicine or even a bottle of chilled white wine.

Outlets placed inside cabinets: Keeps appliances plugged in and not cluttering your counter space.

Radiant heating tile floor: Imagine the luxury of never stepping on a cold tile floor again.

Privatize the commode: No one wants to walk into a beautifully designed bathroom only to see a toilet. Ii is not necessary to shut the toilet behind a door, in fact a half wall or frosted glass partition is fabulous for today’s master bath’s open floor plans.

Furniture inspired cabinets: Elevated cabinets with curved legs mimic a fine piece of furniture while providing the functionality of a traditional cabinet.

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