Choosing From The Latest Trends In Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are changing drastically. So what new trends are right for your Loudoun County Kitchen?

First you have to consider what you use your kitchen for? Are you the type that is always whipping up a gourmet meal or are you mostly heating up a pizza? Is there more than one cook in your kitchen? How many people are you generally feeding? Do you like to cook for large groups or do you leave that to the caterer? At JDS Construction LLC of Leesburg, Virginia we can guide you through these questions to find the perfect appliances for you and your newly renovated or existing kitchen.

Let’s begin with the oven. If you are cooking for large groups you can’t beat a double oven with a warming tray. This provides you the opportunity to cook different food items at two different temperatures and keep them warm in the warming drawer. Think a big Thanksgiving Day Feast; turkey, stuffing, cornbread, green bean casserole, corn bread…how much easier would it be to prepare these dishes ahead of time and then cook them at the same time?

But the latest trend in ovens is The Steam Oven. It does everything a traditional oven does plus everything a microwave does, save popping popcorn or heating up a cup of coffee. And the quality of reheated food is far superior. If this is paired with a convection oven for roasting and baking you have everything you need. As for microwaves they are getting smaller and inserted below countertops, where they are less conspicuous.

Stove tops have gone “induction.” Induction cooktops are much faster than conventional gas or electric burners and cool down almost immediately. Another benefit is that they do not require an elevated burner, which makes cleaning up that much easier, and they work well with the clean, modern lines of today’s Loudoun County kitchen renovations.

The refrigerator is getting piecemealed. Just think of how many times you actually use the freezer when preparing a meal verses how many times you open the refrigerator door. Construction experts, like JDS Construction LLC, are recommending switching out your 4-foot-wide refrigerator for a 30-inch one and locating the freezer in a less trafficked area of the kitchen. So in addition to the easier accessibility to the fridge you also gain more counter space to prep meals and create space.

Dishwashers are being doubled; one for the main area of the kitchen and a smaller one for the butler’s pantry, or wherever glasses for entertaining are stored.

The ice dispensers are moving to their own units to accommodate the separation of the refrigerator and the freezer. They have the look of a mini dishwasher and hold more ice than you could use for even a big group of family and friends. Another alternative is inserting refrigerator drawers, which can be fully integrated into the cabinetry to appear completely flush.

Still have questions about what trends in kitchen appliances are right for you and your lifestyle? Contact JD of JDS Construction for a free consultation!


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