Your Kitchen and Bath Renovation: Color Outside The Lines

Color is making a comeback.

Forget the monochromatic white with beige. It’s tired. Embrace color in your newly renovated kitchen, or bath, construction project and express yourself. From a splash of royal blue backsplash tile in the bathroom, to a cherry red Silestone Countertop, or a baby blue kitchen appliance; color is what’s happening in new kitchen and bath construction.

In The kitchen: The kitchen remains the reigning queen of family time. Why keep family time bland? Add some color and some spice to your favorite gathering place with bold color.

Kitchen Cabinets: Are shifting from wood and white tones to every shade of the rainbow. Opt for a happy, canary yellow, or crisp, clean grey in your Sterling or Ashburn Home. Try a fire hydrant red and make your newly renovated kitchen sparkle with personality.
Countertops: The hottest, and most durable countertops out there, are engineered stone. They are comprised of ground up quartz, are heat, stain and scratch resistant and antimicrobial. And best of all? They come in any color you can dream up.
Appliances: Are moving from stainless steel finishes to bright oranges, soft turquoise and royal blue. Think 1950’s with a contemporary hue. Not sure you’re ready for a pink dishwasher? Add a shot of color with red gas range cooking knobs.

In the Bathroom: Do you ever notice how every bathroom in your Leesburg Neighborhood looks the same? Time to stop that.

Backsplash: Consider glass tile back splash for your Loudoun Bathroom Remodel. This is the perfect opportunity to jazz up your bathroom with color. Glass tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns. Add soft sea tones of blues and sand, or go for the gold with deep shades of floor to ceiling rich red. Subway tiles are another great option to express your color scheme.
The Toilet: Pop in a black or navy toilet and instantly add your own branding to your Leesburg bathroom renovation.
Shower Floors: Afraid to get your color on? Try a colorful tile shower floor or a unique pattern in the center of your tiled shower floor.

And if colorful appliances or countertops are too much of a commitment, add color with small appliances and paint. Color outside of the lines and watch your new construction project turn into a masterpiece.

At JDS Construction of Leesburg, VA, we keep up on the best and latest trends so you don’t have to. Contact us today and see what a newly renovated Loudoun Kitchen or Bath can look like; and see it in living color!


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