Custom Cabinetry-Your Way

Never before have there been so many choices for Kitchen Cabinetry or thought into the functionality of Kitchen Cabinetry. Come take a look at what’s trending in Kitchen Cabinetry from your friends at JDS Construction LLC of Leesburg, VA!

Custom Cabinetry, an art in Organization:

Today’s cabinets are all about organization. With a little forethought and planning your Loudoun County Kitchen Cabinetry can be custom designed to suit you and your family’s needs. Storage units built inside kitchen cabinets are all the rage. Think ease and convenience in your kitchen: pull outs for spices and pots and pans, sliding racks for canned goods, built in bins for garbage and recyclables, built in cutlery holders in drawers, built-in bread boxes, the list goes on. And forget wasted space. Narrow spaces that used to have false cabinet faces are now the perfect spot for a pull out spice rack or cookie sheet holder.

Maximize Space:

Floor to ceiling cabinetry is an excellent way to create more space for storage. Think beyond the kitchen and store linens or hide away kid’s backpacks or binders. Floor to ceiling cabinetry also provides the solid look of built-in furniture. Add crown molding to fully secure the feel of furniture in your kitchen and maximize space elegantly.


White or off white, is a light and airy, timeless look. White cabinets are perfect for a cottage or beach feel. White cabinets also work well in smaller kitchens as they give the illusion of more space. And they can easily be jazzed up with a splash of color via hardware or a contrasting wall color. Mix with a deep red Silestone Countertop for a 1950’s diner vibe or pair with marble for a classic look.

Grey is predicted to be the color of the decade. Why? Because it goes with every color scheme! Find a shade that suits your lifestyle and install grey kitchen cabinets. Or if you’re feeling brazen go modern with pumpkin orange cabinetry. It’s your kitchen; do what makes you happy.

Not feeling that bold? Mix and match cabinetry color for a bit of whimsy and interest. Use a light shade of blue on the kitchen island or go bold with a splash or black or canary yellow.

Not sure you want to commit to too much color? Pop on colorful knobs on your stove top or cabinet doors.

Hide the Appliances:

Sure, there are some cool and fun appliances out there but if you are more of the classic type you may want to hide your appliances behind custom made cabinets. Think of the refrigerator as one long, seemingly flawless cabinet that does not interrupt the flow of the kitchen.

Open up your Kitchen Cabinets:

Add a few glass front cabinet doors to showcase pottery and collectibles. Or leave the doors off and start a library for cookbooks and knick-knacks. Or really define your uniqueness with kitchen shelving in different wood tones or colors. Try painting the space behind glass or open cabinetry to add some color and style. Glass front, open cabinets and kitchen shelving are the perfect opportunity to create space and display your personality.

So are you ready for some new kitchen cabinetry? If so, contact JD Scott, of JDS Construction, of Leesburg. Our goal is to find the perfect custom cabinetry for your Kitchen Remodel. Cabinetry that suits you and your family and makes your Leesburg or Sterling Kitchen uniquely YOURS!



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