A Successful Home Renovation Project

Did you know the average age of a home in Loudoun County is 26 years old? Source: http://homefinders.com/blog/northern-virginia-average-list-prices-and-ages-of-homes-for-sale-county-by-county/ So, despite the fact that Loudoun County is the second fastest growing county in the country http://www.forbes.com/pictures/edgl45fihj/no-2-loudoun-county-va/ and the wealthiest https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-income_counties_in_the_United_States the majority of the homes are not new construction, but rather homes which would benefit from a home renovation project. Additionally, because of the drop in housing values in Loudoun County, and the rest of the country, many homeowners are staying put and investing in their present home.

Home renovation projects are the absolute best thing a homeowner can do to increase the value of their home and improve the quality of their home life. So even if you plan on retiring in your Northern Virginia home you may want to consider a home renovation project that will keep your life simpler and happier. Modern conveniences such as “Smart Home Technology,” and structural changes to your construction can give you more control over everything from heating, electrical and water costs to greater accessibility.

Whether you are considering a home renovation project to increase the resale value of your home, update to modern conveniences and aesthetics, or to to provide more accessibility, a successful home renovation project requires a little know-how.

The first step a homeowner should take before embarking on a home renovation project is to gather information. What is trending in bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, appliances, countertops, flooring, basement remodeling, home remodeling, etc. What gives you the best bang for your buck? What room needs the most TLC? What room do you spend most of your time in? What can’t you do without? What do you need?

What’s Trending in Home Renovation:
• Open spaces
• Gray palettes with pops of vibrant color
• Engineered stone countertops
• Smart Home Technology
• Entertaining spaces

What gives you the most bang for your buck?
• Kitchens
• Bathrooms
• Entertaining Areas, in that order

What room do you love the most? What can’t you do without? What do you need?
• The Chef clearly loves a well outfitted and smartly designed kitchen
• The sports enthusiast can’t get enough of a comfy sectional and entertaining center with the latest in hi-fi, think “man-cave.”
• The reader is never more happy than curling up beside a cozy fireplace
• The children go nuts over a finished basement inclusive of a recreation area, theatre room and yes…mini-kitchen
• The consummate entertainer can’t do without a butler’s pantry and wet bar
• Two busy professionals who need to be out of the house at the same time would certainly appreciate a his and hers bathroom with a new shower inclusive of smart technology that can actually save preferences such as water temperature, lighting, steam choices and music
• The parent who works from home would surely benefit from a built in book case and file system
Think about who you are, what your budget is, what you use your home for and go from there.

Ok. So now you know. You want to begin a home renovation project. What’s the next step?

Find a reputable, local contractor. When shopping for contractors you want to ensure they are:
• Tried and true: how long have they been in business?
• Insured and bonded: what happens if something breaks?
• Reliable: do they return phone calls, arrive for appointments on time?
• Clean and courteous: do they clean up at the end of the day?
• Timely: do they complete construction projects on time?
• Locale: Are they familiar with the area? Do they know how to obtain the proper permits and stay within HOA codes?
• Safety: is the construction area kept free from harmful objects or fumes?
• Initial consultation: is it free and do they take the time to listen to your wants and establish a plan to get you there?
• Budget: can they help you plan a budget?
• Who is the owner? Is he invested in the community?

You might be wondering how do you find all this out? Luckily, with the influx of social media and google searches you can literally find out almost everything you need to know. Start by checking with Yelp, check out their website; does your construction company have one? Are they providing relevant content? Are they on facebook or twitter or Instagram? If the answer is yes and the reviews are good then it might be time to set up an initial consultation. At the initial consultation this is where you find if your contractor is courteous, timely and professional. This is a time to ask for references. Any reputable construction company can easily provide you with reviews from satisfied customers.

Talk to more than one contractor. Get bids and ideas and pick the construction expert who best suits your needs and understands your vision.

At JDS Construction, LLC of Leesburg, Virginia we are so certain that we will fulfill all of your needs, that we have provided you with the tools to find out for yourself.

JDS Construction, LLC is owned and operated by Leesburg resident and native, JD Scott. JD has spent his entire life in Northern Virginia and keeps a close eye on the housing market, trends that will last, trend to avoid and most importantly JD personally oversees his trained and professional crew on every construction job. Our motto is “building with integrity,” and that is exactly what we do because we live and work and play right here, in Loudoun County.

When you are ready to embark on your new construction project contact us!

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