Kitchen Trends You Can Live With

Kitchen Trends: Did you know that most home purchases are based on the home’s kitchen? Yes, the kitchen is not just the heart of your home but also your bestselling room for resale. And what constitutes a great kitchen? What will get you the best return on investment (ROI) from a home renovation project? You got it; your kitchen.

But what specifically about your kitchen do you need to keep up on for quality of life, functionality and perhaps resale? The answer is what’s trending in Kitchen Design.

Ask yourself if your kitchen has any of the following:
• Pull out Spice Rack
• Induction cooktop
• Smart appliances
• A pop of color
• Neutral palette
• Open design

If not, it is time to get your Loudoun County Kitchen Renovation moving! Trends are not trendy, anymore. Why? Because there is so much functionality and ease of living in today’s kitchen trends.

It’s a brand new year and like everything else, kitchens are also changing. The chatter in home design in Loudoun County, and the rest of the country, is all about GREY. It’s the new white. It’s what everyone is doing. Grey hued kitchen hardwood flooring, grey cabinets and granite accents. Light shades of grey on your walls. Why? Because grey, like beige, goes with everything.

But maybe you don’t like grey. Then stick to a beige, neutral, classic tone that will never go out of style. In fact, the only thing that won’t work, in your Leesburg or Ashburn home, is mixing grey and beige. Pick one and add in a pop of color for accent.

Stainless steel appliances are not going anywhere. Yet, they are now coming in BLACK. Yes, black. Read all about black accents here. Not your thing? Try a bold statement and get a red or aqua-blue oven.

It‘s all about being sleek and modern. Forget ogee edges on your countertops. Have them cut clean, thin and hip. Introduce elements of glass and stone, whether in lighting fixtures or custom cabinetry.

And most of all…
Open it all up.
Knock down a wall.
Install a large picture window.
Bring the outside in with glass pocket doors.

Do it all with a pop of color against a neutral background and your Loudoun County Renovation won’t just be trendy; it will be something you can’t believe you lived without.

When your ready to find the hottest kitchen trends to renovate your Loudoun County Kitchen contact the construction experts at JDS construction, LLC and let the rebirth of your kitchen begin! Questions about how to plan for your renovated kitchen budget? We have your answers here.

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