What’s Up With Bathroom Flooring?

A lot.

Today’s bathroom flooring choices are almost limitless. From traditional ceramic tiles to bamboo flooring and every bathroom flooring in between, there is a bathroom floor that will fit your style, needs and budget. But how to sort out all these bathroom flooring options? JDS Construction, LLC of Leesburg, VA has your answers. Let’s get started:

Ceramic Tile: This classic standard is tried and true and always a favorite. It is durable, economical, water-resistant and versatile enough to accommodate any taste. Ceramic tiles can be cut into a myriad of patterns, comes in a variety of colors and even mimics other flooring. Think wood flooring in ceramic form. Downside? Ceramic flooring can be cool on a cold winter’s morning. Rugs or slippers can easily remedy the cold touch of ceramic but nothing warms up ceramic flooring like radiant heat underneath.

Stone: Comes in a variety of options; Marble, Granite and Limestone, oh my! These stones are moisture proof and durable. Nothing says luxury like marble flooring. Granite and limestone work excellent for a contemporary feel. But like ceramic tile they can be cold to the bare foot and slippery. Be certain to have your stone floor sandblasted to prevent falls. And think radiant heat underneath for the utmost in comfort.

Wood: Is not just soft and warm on bare feet but softens and warms any bathroom. But due to woods low tolerance for moisture, JDS Construction, LLC recommends limiting wood flooring for powder rooms sans showers and baths. That being said, if you absolutely must have wood floors in your bath, it must be laid tightly to prevent moisture seepage. The bright side? So pretty and easily maintained with regular sanding and polishing.

Bamboo and Cork: Are generally categorized together because they share many of the same benefits. Both are “Green,” choices as they come from plants that replenish themselves in their natural habitat. Both repel mold, mildew and even bacteria and are also water-resistant. And let’s face it: They’re COOL. Not on the feet– but design wise.

Glass Tile: Is all the rage in Loudoun County and beyond. These beautiful floors come in a multitude of vibrant or subdued colors and patterns. They are water-proof and easy to maintain. Just be certain to keep them small enough so they can manage any weight. Like stone flooring, glass tiles can be slippery, which is why JDS Construction, LLC recommends having glass tile floors sandblasted.

Concrete: Want something indestructible and tots posh? Think concrete. Concrete floors can easily be polished or treated to take on a new life. And the good news? Most floors are already hiding concrete underneath. Try a textured finish to prevent falls and don’t forget the difference a little radiant heat below can make.

When it comes to picking new flooring for your Leesburg, Sterling or Purceville bathroom renovation one thing is for certain: JDS Construction, LLC of Leesburg, Va has your options covered.


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