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JDS Construction, LLC is a locally owned, full service construction company  in Leesburg, Virginia. JDS Construction LLC is owned and operated by JD Scott, native and resident of Loudoun County. We serve Leesburg, Ashburn, Sterling, Purceville, Aldie and everything in between.

Our motto is “building with integrity,’ and that is exactly what we do. Treating are customers with respect and creating the right plan to accomplish their dream renovation is our number one goal. This is why JDS Construction, LLC gets the majority of our business through word of mouth and returning customers.

We specialize in Kitchen Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Basement Renovation and any and all Home Renovation.  We pride ourselves on understanding the market in Loudoun County, and the nation, and are on top of smart home technology and emerging trends. All the while building upon the solid tradition that has made JDS Construction, LLC grow throughout the years.

We listen to your ideas, your budget and help you identify your needs and wants for your Home Construction Project. We have installed, researched and written about appliances, flooring, countertops, backsplash, tubs, toilets and showers. We understand how to plan and achieve the ultimate gaming space for your kids or that man cave for those lazy Sundays.

We have the construction experience and know how to deal with any and all challenges we might encounter. Completing construction projects in a timely and professional manner is what we do best.

We are presently converting one customer’s three car garage and sunroom into an apartment for their parents. Nothing makes us happier and prouder than getting a reference from a satisfied customer. Here is what our latest customer wrote us:

“…You all have done a fabulous job – it’s going to be a warm & cozy home and they (and we) are so very impressed and appreciative of your thoughtfulness and hard work.  Thank you.” M&K

For more testimonials please check out our testimonial page.

Considering renovating your kitchen and don’t know where to start?

How about with a budget?

Deciding on kitchen flooring?

Picking countertops or backslash?

What about appliances?

Want to see the latest trends?

Or maybe it’s your master bath?

Or finishing your basement?

Whatever the job we are here doing the hard work and research to build you the best possible construction project in your Loudoun County Home. Please contact JD for a free consultation today and get started on your next home renovation project!


Leesburg, Virginia

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