Construction To Warm Up Your Winter

In this issue: Warming Ideas!

  • Natural Gas Fireplace
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Heated Toilet Seats


  • Energy efficient heat via inexpensive natural gas.
  • Ease…turn a switch and poof… there is the flame.
  • Forget the mess. With a natural gas fireplace there are no trees to chop, nor logs to store, or haul inside, no fire to start, or ash to drag away, and no soot to clean.
  • Beauty. Today’s natural gas fireplaces come in a variety of gorgeous styles from faux logs to glass stones to lighted candles.
  • And a natural gas fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere in your home-because the flue of a natural gas fireplace is cool enough to be vented through PVC piping that runs through the walls of your house.


Did you know that the concept of radiant floor heating was developed by The Romans?


Radiant Floor Heating, Loudoun County, Leesburg, VA

Radiant Floor Heating, Loudoun County

Wood burning fires underneath elevated marble floors were constantly fanned and fed to keep the marble warm to the bare feet of the Roman Elite. Today it is a bit easier to manage the same effect but no less luxurious. Radiant floor heating is an under-the-floor heating system that conducts heat through the floor surface, rather than through the air, like conventional forced-air heating systems. If you are just beginning a renovation, consider installing radiant heating; it is not only irresistible to the touch but also an energy efficient way to keep warm throughout the cold months. Radiant heating can be placed in any room of your house and is very popular in bathrooms and kitchens. It works best with materials such as stone, concrete and ceramic tile that have thermal conducting properties.

JDS Construction, LLC is well skilled in the planning, design and installation of radiant heat flooring. Hear from one of our satisfied customers:

“I am so thrilled with his (JD’s) work and recommendations…especially the heated floors!”
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Why yes…

heated toilet seat

Heated Toilet Seat and Bidet, Loudoun County


The ultimate in bathroom comfort…these toilets seats are 20-25 degrees warmer than the air around them and come in antimicrobial options. Add a bidet for the best in hygienic ease and make your daily bathroom routine a bit more special.

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