Let’s Talk About Kitchen Flooring…

When it’s time to choose your kitchen flooring you may have more choices than you think: hardwood, stone, vinyl, and even cork, are all popular options in today’s kitchen. As in all design projects choices can seem overwhelming but are easily navigated with a little knowledge.

JDS Construction, LLC of Leesburg has much experience with all options of kitchen flooring inclusive of Hardwood, Vinyl, Stone and Cork Flooring:

So let’s get started and find the perfect kitchen flooring for your Loudoun County home.

Begin with a few questions:

• What do you use your kitchen for? Cooking, entertaining…perhaps a place to eat some take out?
• How heavy is the traffic in your kitchen?
• Do you want an easy to clean and low maintenance floor, or is style more important to you?
• Does your house have an open floor plan?

With these answers in mind let’s move onto to the various kitchen flooring options.

By far, the most popular in Loudoun County homes, and many people’s favorite, is THE HARDWOOD FLOOR:


The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring:
• Timeless
• Works flawlessly with an open floor plan
• Durability
• Low maintenance
• Return on investment for resale

Hardwood Flooring is warm and feels good to the foot. Today’s Hardwood Flooring is water and stain resistant and withstands heavy traffic areas. It is suitable for any decorative style as it is available in a myriad of stains and plank sizes.
It’s not your Mother’s VINYL FLOORING:

The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring:
• Budget friendly
• Easiest of flooring to maintain
• Comfort
• Water and stain resistant

Vinyl Flooring is offered in a multitude of colors, shapes and patterns. And if you have “slippery fingers,” it is the most forgiving for accidental drops and lends itself to less breakage. Additional, Vinyl Flooring belongs to a group of flooring known as resilient flooring, which is the softest flooring option. If you are often in your kitchen cooking, Vinyl Flooring provides extra cushion, and in consequence, less muscle fatigue.

What is more classic than STONE TILE FLOORING? Not much.

The Benefits of Stone Tile Flooring:
• Classic
• Virtually indestructible
• Available in countless textures, patterns and colors
• Low maintenance

Stone tile flooring has been around for thousands of years, and is as relevant, beautiful and durable now, as when the first Stone Tile Floor was laid. In fact, Stone Tile Flooring is so resilient that it can be used outdoors in virtually any climate.

Did you say CORK FLOORING? Yes, we did.

The Benefits of CORK FLOORING:
• It’s hip
• Eco-friendly
• Virtually slip resistant
• Moisture resistant

Cork is a sustainable material that is made from tree bark that’s harvested every eight to ten years. Sustainable means that the cork repeatedly grows back after it is harvested. Cork is waterproof and compressional, which makes it both comfortable and moisture resistant.

The kitchen floor is not just practical and durable but also a major design statement. The flooring you choose affects the totality of your decorative and design style, and with the variety of materials, colors and texture in today’s kitchen flooring you will have no trouble finding the perfect flooring for your Loudoun County Kitchen.

JDS Construction is owned and operated by JD Scott. JD is a native and resident of Loudoun County, VA and has worked in construction his entire life. JD personally oversees every job and works closely with his clients to make their vision come to life. JDS Construction is proud to build with integrity throughout Northern Virginia. We serve both Loudoun and Fairfax County.


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