What’s Hip in Home Remodeling

What’s Trending in Today’s Residential Remodel:

  • Go Light & Natural
  • Open Spaces & Clean Lines
  • Bring the Backyard Inside

Get Your Feng Shui on…

The trend in Home Renovation today is all about the great outdoors. Glass doors that lead from the kitchen to a brick patio with a seating area and fire pit. Perhaps even an outdoor kitchen. Big picture windows unobstructed with mullions and curtains and drapes. Everything is cleaner and more modern and less cluttered. And that doesn’t stop with your backyard. Make it part of the flow of your home and it will become part of the space, most likely your favorite one.

At JDS Construction LLC we can guide you through all the steps to make your home renovation everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Kitchen Renovation, Leesburg, VA

Edwards Kitchen Remodel


Natural Selections…

The dark, heavy cabinets and floors of the past are on their way to a lighter and more natural persona. Think engineered woods in shades of grey and white with limed, fumed or bleached finishes. Or use porcelain floors to achieve the same look. Imagine kitchen cabinets in complementary shades of light grey and washed white. Draw your inspiration from a day at the beach; soft, muted colors that speak of tranquility and nature.

Bathrooms are following the same design trend. Muted grey and white cabinets with a splash of a darker shade on the counter tops or tile back splash. Try a porcelain tile floor that looks like reclaimed wood to achieve the calm feel of today’s bathrooms.

Open it all up…

Forget those tiny, useless rooms that go nowhere, that no one sits in. Think of the parlor room you don’t use, or the formal dining room that sits empty save for special occasions. What we’re saying is: Have some fun and rip down the walls and create open space.

Hallways are wasted space and a thing of the past. Let the rooms lead into each other, let the energy flow with more usable and livable space.

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