Frame Your Wall Mounted Television In Style

 Ahh…a brand-new, wall mounted television for your Loudoun County Home…what could be better? Except…

Yuck. Nobody wants to see all those television and HDM cords and speakers dangling from your wall-mounted television. But where to hide them? Armoires and over-sized entertainment centers are a thing of the past.


Because today’s hi-tech, Smart TV’s are hung on the wall like a piece of precious art work. And your brand-new, Samsung, 75 inch, 4k, ultra HD, smart LED is the Mona Lisa of modern, residential Loudoun living, it has one problem: those sagging, visible wires and speakers are making it look more like a flea market knock off.
So, how to fix it? At JDS Construction LLC of Leesburg we are have a few suggestions. Of course, you can call the electrician and the cable company and have the outlet and cable box moved directly behind the TV.
Sure, you can. But…televisions mounted on the wall are not flush, and if you have a television mount with a movable mount, those wires you just paid a fortune to the electrician, and cable company, to hide are still visible from certain angles.

Let’s face the facts, the wall mounted television still looks like it is floating in space, which is why it needs to be grounded. It needs to have a home base, or a landing place, a frame, if you will, for your piece of art.

Now, depending on your design style there are multiple ways to showcase your wall mounted television and create an accent wall for its display.
If you consider your design traditional you can’t beat a built-in bookshelf surrounding your new baby. Think mahogany crown molding, shelves to house books, photographs and family heirlooms.

Perhaps you like a sleeker more modern style, then floating shelves and minimalist desks on either side with a center accent wall in your favorite color, will suit you just fine. Drop the wires behind the wall and prop up some actual art work underneath your television for an artsy, loft look.

Cottage life? That’s all about built-in shelves and Shiplap as the center accent wall. Think a day at the beach meets modern technology.
Are you a fan of mid- century glam? Consider a textured wall with a sheepskin storage bench and a cover of wallpaper that Marilyn would have in her boudoir.

Modern rustic is made for wall mounted televisions. Reclaimed wood slats running the length of the wall and nothing else. Modern TV meets rustic wood.

Forget style for a moment, rather, let’s talk function:

Do you need more storage space? If you are like most Loudoun County Homeowners the answers is an unequivocal yes. The wall your hi-tech Tv is hanging from is the perfect empty pallet just waiting to be, not just design beautiful, but more importantly, storage friendly. How:

• Cabinets
• Storage benches
• Book shelves

They hide a multitude of sins. Play stations, DVD’s, remotes, more remotes, books, magazines, extra throw pillows, throw blankets, pet toys, pet beds, skeletons….the list is virtually endless.
How did all this chatter about an accent wall start? Right. You just bought the coolest, biggest, best television of your life and it’s hanging in space and all those wires look like guts and you can’t have that as it is ruining the entire idea of your Mona Lisa.

Oh…you haven’t bought her yet? Below is a link of the best TV’s of 2017. And while, we didn’t write it we do dig it.

Questions about how to hang your wall mounted television? Find answers here.
Happy Watching! And when your ready to frame your new TV give us a call. Your friends at JDS Construction LLC of Leesburg, Virginia!


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