What Kitchen Countertop Is Right for You?

The choice in Kitchen Countertops has never been vaster or more overwhelming. But worry not, your Leesburg construction professionals at JDS Construction, are here to set the record straight on the materials, trends and functionality of today’s Kitchen Countertops.

So many materials…which one is right for your Loudoun Kitchen Remodel?

• Granite
• Butcher Block
• Solid Surface
• Composite
• Marble
• Tile
• Concrete
• Stainless Steel
• Engineered Stone
• Soapstone

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Granite Countertops

Granite: Is by far the most popular choice for Loudoun County Homeowners’. Granite is not only beautiful but durable and heat resistant. It is relatively low maintenance. A yearly sealing is recommended to protect the granite and prevent the growth of bacteria.

Butcher Block: Is the ideal countertop for the working kitchen. These countertops are meant for chopping and scratches or burns can be easily sanded out, if needed.

Solid Surface: These countertops are better known as Corian and are a budget friendly option as compared to granite, Silestone or Marble countertops. However, while they mimic the look of natural stone, they are not heat resistant and can scratch or chip.

Composite: Are for the eco-conscious consumer. They are comprised of materials such as recycled paper or fly ash (material formed during the combustion of coal), and are stain, heat and scratch resistant. They also inhibit the growth of bacteria and are virtually maintenance free.

Marble: Ah…the timeless classic of smooth, cool marble is unparalleled in kitchen countertops. It is perfect for the baker in you; marble seems as if it was meant for dough to be rolled out on. But keep in mind that marble is not heat, scratch or stain resistant like other countertop options.

Tile: Is a stylized look and works well in small kitchens. Tile is charming but is a bit higher maintenance as it needs to be re-grouted often. It is a perfect choice for a “villa,” kitchen feel.

Concrete: Is all the rage in the custom kitchen. It fits perfectly within the modern kitchen. It is not cheap as it has to be poured to fit the lay out exactly. Concrete is, of course, durable but needs to re-sealed often.

Engineered Stone: Commonly referred to as Silestone is comprised mostly of ground up quartz and has the look of a natural stone without the maintenance. These countertops are heat, scratch and stain resistant and come in a wide variety of colors; think vibrant red or electric blue. They also have a special antimicrobial coating to prevent the growth of bacteria. Watch out granite, you have a rival in the growing popularity of engineered stone.

Soapstone: While less popular it is stunning in its appearance. Soapstone does not require sealing as it does not absorb stains and actually changes color, specifically darkens, as time passes. Think classic kitchen when you think soapstone countertops.

Stainless Steel: Is, well, cool. These countertops works best in the contemporary kitchen and are easy to clean and maintain. And while they are heat and stain resistant they can scratch.

Did we mention there were a lot of choices? Just remember, as with all design and construction projects, start with your needs and then consider your likes and go from there. And, of course, when you’re ready to begin that kitchen renovation call up Leesburg’s premier construction company: JDS Construction LLC.


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