The Design Is In The Details

cabinetryIt’s the little things, or design ideas, that make your Loudoun County Home Renovation Project stand out.

When embarking on a new home renovation project, whether it be the kitchen, the bath, the family room or the basement one thing a good construction expert keeps in mind is the details. The details are exactly what makes any project, well…yours.

Details come in many different forms but essentially consist of the design ideas you could do without but would never want to. Think backsplash or customized stair railing, perhaps textured walls or pull out pantry drawers.

Some details in design are for ease of living: a freezer in the butler’s pantry, a wine cooler in the rec room, a washer/dryer on the second floor, a mudroom with organized storage or smart home technology. Some details are decidedly aesthetic: a brick interior wall, waterfall countertops, double basin sinks in the master bathroom or imported French tiles. And some are simply for luxury: heated marble floors, a stand-alone soaking tub or a rain shower with LED lighting.

Deciding on which details will make your home renovation project fit within your budget, and make your home your own, is one of the many thing JDS LLC Construction of Leesburg offers our clients.

Ease of Living: Never before have there been so many design options to make your life easier…

Open Floor Plans:

Kitchen Renovation, Leesburg, VA

Edwards Kitchen Remodel

Let’s start with the home in its entirety and think open floor concept. Many older homes in Loudoun County have closed floor plans, or floor plans consisting of too many walls. Why are open floor plans such the rage these days? Because it’s easy and open and everything is accessible. Open floor plans are conducive to our new way of entertaining. No longer are guests sequestered in a living room while the homeowner slaves away in their closed-off kitchens. Rather, guests mill about between kitchen islands and oversized kitchen dining tables to large family rooms with high, airy ceilings whilst chatting with each other and the homeowner in the kitchen. One design trend we are seeing is the end of formal dining and living rooms and the onset of one open, continuous downstairs living space.

Are not just about function anymore, they are also about simplifying the way we feed our family and entertain. Because of the new versatility and smaller size of appliances they can be installed almost anywhere. A new popular location is the Butler’s Pantry. This has become a convenient space to hide less used appliances such as microwaves, separate freezers and even dishwashers specifically designed to wash glassware.

Smart Technology:
Nothing spells ease of living quite like smart technology. Think a refrigerator that reminds you to pick up milk, or a stove you can activate through your smart phone and set it to warm before you get home, or maybe a dishwashers that you can run from your office.

There can be no relaxation without organization. We are seeing an increase in mudrooms designed to house everything from jackets to bookbags to pet equipment and food to sporting gear. Think of it as a convenient drop-all for anything that would clutter the main house. Another trend making life easier is the onset of pull out everything. Think spice racks and drawers for pot lids and entire pull out pantries.

Oh so pretty! Design details to make your home magazine quality…

The Stair Rail:
Look at your staircase. Is it the basic wood stair railing? Ever thought about changing it out with wrought iron? Or perhaps you’re more adventurous and are thinking glass railing and open partition? The newest trend is tension wire which gives the appearance your stairs are almost hovering but provides the stability of a traditional rail.

Textured Walls:
Want to add some depth and beauty to any room? Try a faux brick or stone wall. Or try paneling of reclaimed wood in a horizontal layering. Throw up a sheet of stainless steel for a contemporary feel or as a juxtaposition to rustic style.

Waterfall Countertops:

Leesburg, Virginia

Bailey Kitchen Renovation

Sure, they serve no actual purpose but they are simply gorgeous, which is why we are seeing a drastic increase in their demand.

Personalized Backsplash:
Generally speaking, backsplash is an up-charge when buying new construction and even then it is usually the typical subway or tumbled stone tile. We’ve got an idea: do something different. We recently had a client who found porcelain tile that she just had to have. And it came all the way from France. It was the decorative icing on her kitchen renovation. Or consider taking the granite or marble from your counter top directly up the wall to your cabinets for a sleek, modern look. Still doesn’t sound like you? Try stainless steel subway tile or glass tile in geometric patterns to add a bit of whimsy.

Because it feels so GOOD…some design ideas are simply for your enjoyment…

Bathroom Decadence:

Custom cabinetry, pull out trash bins, custom glass mirrors and frames, scounce vanity lights, fantasy brown countertops, shower curb, knee wall tops, free standing tub, porcelain tile, large format floor tile, decorative Mosaic shower wall.

Firestone Bathroom

A soaking tub. Heated bathroom tile floors. Good-bye cold winter’s day and hello basin of warmth and luxury. Add an LED television to your bathroom mirror and a wine cooler to a cabinet and you may never want to leave.

Not a bath person? No worries, The Kohler DTV grants you control over water, steam, light, sound and it can even be programmed to remember your preferences from your partners.

Kitchen Delight:
A bread warmer, a steam oven, an induction cooktop…oh my! No you don’t NEED them but boy are they a pleasure to have. If your kitchen is more than just a showroom and rather your temple,consider these luxurious options when remodeling your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel, Leesburg, VA

Jackson Kitchen Remodel


They say the devil is in the details but at JDS Construction of Leesburg we believe the design is in the details. When you are ready for a home renovation project that is truly unique, truly you, we will be here…waiting to help you create your perfect renovation project. Contact us…here


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